Calendar for 2018-2019 Watertown Academic Year

Link to School Committee (on WPS googlesite); Superintendent News; 2018 School Committee's subcommitees are: Curriculum, Budget & Finance, Buildings & Grounds, Policy, and Athletics.

January 2018 Superintendent Galdston's Entry Plan Report.

WPS Building for the Future Initiative, 2018 googlesite.  May 2018: NEW WEBSITE for the Elementary Schools Building Project. 2019 Sustainability Subcommittee, John Portz, chair -he is also School Committee Chair.

July 27, 2017: WPS Timeline  Ai3 Architects, LLC will present recommendations related to the Building for the Future initiative, WPS master plan strategy through 2021 including the elementary schools.

Schools Facilities Master Planning Study with SMMA;  May 2016 RFP for WPS;

DecisionInsite Enrollment Impact Study, 2016 Services Agreement with WPS;

DecisionInsite Enrollment Projection Report, June 2016 (forecast to be updated Fall 2016);

Schools Facilities Assessment 2014 report from Oudens Ello Architecture, LLC;

WPS Enrollment Projections (these fluctuate -watch for updates provided to School Committee)