MBTA Watertown Yard, MBTA Watertown Square Delta (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority). Watertown is assessed over $2.2 million per year for MBTA service.

Complete Streets Prioritization 2018; policy adopted May 2017. Mount Auburn Street project website.

New 2018: Watertown website Transportation Planning page. TDM Ordinance with supporting documents, adopted May 2017. Resident Transportation Task Force contacts; Sustainable Watertown website. In 2014, residents formed a Watertown Public Transit Task Force to advocate for a TMA and other transit improvements. A special public transportation forum was held in June 2016.

State of MA: The Future of Transportation Commission, formed January 2018.

Limebike comes to Watertown per DCDP: "As you probably have noticed, Lime Bikes launched its dockless bike share program on Friday June 29, 2018. Bikes will be parked in a number of locations on both public and private property. We have an agreement with Lime (see below) that specifies where bikes can be parked. Lime is responsible for making sure bikes are parked appropriately. If you receive complaints about bikes parked inappropriately, here is the customer service #, for the caller or for you to call: 1 888 546-3345 (1 888 LIME345). Here is an email address you can use for customer service: support@limebike.com

Agreement with Lime says:

·         "       Parked bicycles must comply with ADA requirements, maintaining 3 feet of sidewalk clearance, and must not inhibit pedestrian movement.

·         "       Bicycles parked in one location for more than five consecutive days without moving may be removed by the municipality at the expense of the bike share vendor

Any bicycle that is parked incorrectly shall be re-parked or removed by the vendor within 3 hours if notified between 7 am - 8 PM on weekdays, not including holidays,  and at all other times  within 12 hours  of receiving notice

·         "       An inoperable bike, or any bicycle that is not safe to operate, shall be removed from the public right-of-way by the vendor and made unavailable to the public, within 24 hours of notice.

·         "       The vendor will inform customers of how to appropriately park bicycles. (this is on the app)

Please let me know if additional help is needed.  -Laura Wiener, AICP, Senior Transportation Planner, Community Development and Planning, LWiener@watertown-ma.gov (617) 972-6417 "