Electricity Choice Aggregation Launches in September

July 10, 2019, Town of Watertown, MA – The Town of Watertown announced that it has entered into a contract to buy electricity for the Watertown Electricity Choice program, which will launch in September 2019.

Watertown Electricity Choice is a municipal electricity aggregation, which is a group buy program for electricity supply. Massachusetts State law allows cities and towns to aggregate electricity customers within their borders and select an electricity supplier on behalf of those customers, rather than having Eversource buy their electricity. Municipal aggregations are heavily regulated by the State and offer many consumer protections not available with private for-profit programs.

See PDF for Complete details, or go online to www.WatertownChoice.com

New Solar Energy requirement and town-wide LEED standards

On November 27, 2018 we adopted solar requirements per ordinance -the first in the state. Our Zoning Ordinance now requires solar energy (photovoltaics) to be installed on a new Special Permit building with 10,000 square feet of commercial or industrial usage, or residential units of 10 or more, to cover 50% of the roof and 90% of the garage space, or a ground mounted or roof top system. 

Town Council also extended LEED Silver Certifiability requirements to new large projects throughout Watertown, from the previous requirement initially limited to RMUD zoning.

Community Choice Aggregation, electricity

TC voted unanimously in support of planning for CCA on 9/26/17 and we anticipate implementation approx. Oct 2018-March 2019, which fits the typical 12-18 (or even 24) mos timeframe.

View 9/12/17 TC minutes, for comments and Presentation by our Energy Manager Ed Lewis:

“Working with the Environment and Energy Efficiency Committee to offer greener electric supply to residents.

• Community Choice Aggregation

• Greener electric supply – reduces Town’s carbon footprint

• Enables additional green generation in Mass

• Provides price stability”

Also online is the full Community Choice Aggregation presentation along with some background info.

Source: http://watertown.wickedlocal.com/news/2017...

Additional Recycle Toter Available to Residents

An additional toter for recycling (1 per unit) may be purchased from Public Works for $90 -reduced from $180. The toter will be delivered to your home. Call DPW (617) 972-6420 for more info. Town Council approved a new 5-year contract with Republic Services, effective July 1, 2017.

Compost Bins may be purchased at Public Works for $40. You must call DPW at (617) 972-6420 to schedule 24 hours notice, prior to pick up -cash, check or money order only; debit cards are not accepted.

Rain Barrels may be purchased at Public Works for $65, along with an added drain pipe diverter for $16 would cost a total $81. The diverter purchase is optional. Rain Barrels help reduce runoff!

Source: http://www.watertowndpw.org/169/Trash-Recy...

Open Space

The most recent update, to Watertown Open Space & Recreation Plan was adopted April 2015. This should be updated by 2020.

"Where is Watertown's Open Space?
Watertown has beautiful open space along the Charles River, in the reservation owned and managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation (Division of Urban Parks and Recreation). We also have the multi-use Arsenal Park, Filippello Park, ten playgrounds throughout Watertown, and the Whitney Hill Conservation Area.

Statement of Purpose
The primary purpose of this plan is to identify Watertown’s open space and recreational resources and produce a consistent policy for Town agencies to ensure that these resources are not lost due to the pressures of development or uncoordinated individual actions. This plan aims to facilitate a consistent policy regarding development and preservation of public and private properties as they collectively comprise Watertown’s open space and recreational system."

Source: http://www.ci.watertown.ma.us/index.aspx?n...