Links to: Watertown Police Dept, Watertown Fire Dept, Traffic Commission

2017 Info re: testing for lead and copper at Watertown Public Schools.

Community Policing and Watertown Police Dept Immigration Legal Issues policy 5/31/2017. January 2018 video of statement from Chief Michael Lawn, from Watertown Cable Access TV.

Report to Town Council 7/11/17, with potential improvements identified in June 2017, with Observations by Commission on Disabilities site visits.

Complete Streets Prioritization 2018; policy adopted May 2017.

Materials developed for the Town Council Public Safety Committee on Arsenal Street observations, shared in committee on 4/10/2017, below. See link to summary report on 5/9/17 to the full Town Council with six main questions, along with both the 3/22 and 4/10 meeting minutes (also posted in Agenda on Watertown's website).